October 24, 2020

10-year-old pays with his life for plucking mangoes in Khagaria

Satyam Kumar, a 10-year old boy, was shot in the head allegedly for plucking mangoes from an orchard in Khagaria district of Bihar. The incident happened on Thursday afternoon.

The boy, a native of Shergarh village, was said to be plucking mangoes with other children in an orchard in the neighboring village Pathraha. He suddenly fell down after being hit in his head by a bullet. Hearing the gun shot, other children fled from the spot and informed the villagers about it, said the police.

Satyam Kumar was rushed to the Sadar (town) Hospital of Khagaria by his father and other villagers, but doctors declared him brought dead.

Makuni Yadav, Satyam Kumar’s father, accused the watchman of the orchard Ramashish Yadav for shooting his son dead.

“My son’s only crime was that he plucked a few mangoes from the orchard of Badho Chaudhury,” Mr. Makuni Yadav said.

Soon after the incident hundreds of villagers gathered at the spot and demanded immediate action against the accused.

The police have registered case against two persons and also detained a few others for questioning.

Courtesy: The Hindu

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