September 29, 2020

All shelter homes in Bihar will be run by State government, says Nitish

Image result for Nitish KumarBihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday announced that all shelter homes in the State will now be run by the government.

“Now no shelter home will be run by the NGOs and the government will provide building and other infrastructure to run them”, said Nitish Kumar while addressing journalists at his weekly Lok Samvad (public interaction) programme.

He also reiterated that those involved in the Muzaffarpur shelter home rape case would not be spared at any cost and will be sent to jail.

“If someone at a minister level is found to be involved they too will be punished”, he added further.

Earlier, senior state BJP leader C.P. Thakur had demanded resignation of state Social Welfare Department Manju Verma over the case.

“The scandal points out huge lapses on the part of the social welfare department… how could the department be unaware of such a huge racket taking place right under its nose”, said Mr. Thakur.

Ms. Verma’s husband was accused by the wife of one those arrested in the shelter homes case for frequently visiting the shelter home, which was denied by the Minister.

On the continuous protest of the Opposition parties on the issue, Mr. Kumar said that “it was held to scuttle the debate on corruption. The political leaders protesting against the incident are not concerned about girls but only want to change the debate.”

When asked why the main accused, Brajesh Thakur was shifted to hospital after his arrest, Mr. Kumar said, “Why are you asking me this? Ask the Secretary in charge of the social service and police department…please call the Home Secretary.”

Meanwhile, hearing a petition the Patna High Court ordered that the court would monitor the CBI inquiry into the case. Accepting the request of Advocate General Lalit Kishore, the Chief Justice of the Court Rajendra Menon instructed CBI SP to submit documents related to inquiry to the court.

The Advocate General requested the Patna High Court for a speedy trial for the accused persons in the case, and the court said there would be a special court designated to monitor the case.

Courtesy: The Hindu

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