October 24, 2020

Bihar cops serve hakka noodles and boiled veggies to jailed Chinese national

The administration of the Beur jail in Bihar is providing a Chinese prisoner with hakka noodles and boiled vegetables, according to a report by Times of India.

Wu Tiandong, the Chinese national in question, was arrested on June 17 on the charge of possessing liquor in Bihar, which is a dry state.

Tiandong was caught with 180 ml of Nepalese liquor in a sealed bottle and an empty bottle of India-made foreign liquor (IMFL) at his residence, which is in the Gardanibagh police station’s jurisdiction.

A correctional services officer told the newspaper that Tiandong was being provided with the special prison-sponsored diet as he cannot eat the spicy Indian food that is generally served in jail.

The Chinese national’s interpreter was the one who told the prison authorities what Tiandong could eat and even taught them how to cook it.

The officer was quoted as saying that apart from hakka noodles and boiled vegetables, the prisoner sometimes had plain rice or bread.

Tiandong is the first foreign national to be arrested in Bihar for violating the prohibition law. His visa expired on June 21, four days after he was picked up by cops at his residence.

The Chinese national had even applied for bail, but saw it denied by a lower court in Patna. As a result, he may have to spend some more weeks in jail.

Ever since Bihar became a dry state, consumption or possession of liquor is a cognisable offence. The offender, if proved guilty, could face up to 10 years of imprisonment.

Courtesy: Moneycontrol News

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