October 27, 2020

Bihar’s former education minister demands a ‘Happiness Department’ in the state

Ram Chandra Purbey, the former education minister of Bihar, believes that the state government has no dedicated plan to ensure the happiness of poor people and has demanded the creation of a ‘Happiness Department’ in the state.

Madhya Pradesh formed a happiness department in July 2016 and was followed by Andhra Pradesh opening a similar department in April 2017.

The former education minister of Bihar and RJD MLC (Rashtriya Janata Dal – Member of Legislative Council) Ram Chandra Purbey has raised a demand for a Happiness Department in Bihar on Monday.

As per a report in The Times of India, the former education minister raised this demand through a non-governmental resolution in Bihar’s Legislative Council. He believes that while the state government advertises its developmental works, common people are still unhappy. Purbey also feels that the state government should consider his demand and create a separate department which can ensure happiness of these common people. Purbey referred to the happiness index and cited examples of the Happiness departments in Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh and argued for the creation of a similar department in Bihar.

Bihar’s water resources minister Rajiv Ranjan Singh responded on behalf of the Cabinet and rejecting the demand. The report quoted him as saying, “no such proposal is under consideration of the state government.” He also urged the former education minister to withdraw the resolution and was quoted as saying, “You always remain in mood of happiness. And even today, you are looking very happy. So, why are you asking for a ‘happiness department’?”
Purbey, on the other hand, refused to withdraw his resolution and claimed that he was not demanding this department for himself but for the common people of Bihar. Later in the Upper House, his resolution was rejected by a voice-vote though.

Courtesy: Moneycontrol News

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