October 21, 2020

Grades to mark cleanliness

Patna: The Patna Municipal Corporation has decided to grade wards and localities of each circle on sanitation status.

The wards of all the four circles of the corporation would be divided into good, average, bad and poor. The ward localities would be further graded good, average, bad and poor.

Localities which would be the cleanest would get the tag of AA, while the worst localities on the sanitation parameter would get the tag of DD. The decision was taken in a meeting of city managers and executive officers of all the four circles of the PMC, which was chaired by the civic commissioner Anupam Kumar Suman on Friday.

“The grading of the localities and wards is being done to mobilise our resources so that we can use them effectively in the sanitation work. For example, the cleanest ward which requires only two labourers but eight have been engaged there would pull back the additional labourers from there and put them in the ward where they are required more. Of late, the corporation has realised that we have not been able to do much on the sanitation front because we are not using our manpower in a mobilised way. We would now use a scientific approach to tackle this by grading the wards and localities,” said deputy municipal commissioner Vishal Anand.

The order issued by the PMC commissioner regarding grading of wards and localities also states that the tags of the localities and wards would also be uploaded on Google Map and Google Earth. The notification issued by the commissioner stated that cleanliness drive would be conducted in the wards in two shifts.

Courtesy: The Telegraph

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