September 28, 2020

Image-boost to-do list for policemen

Image result for bihar policePatna: Police in Patna and Nalanda districts have been told to implement measures to boost their image in the eyes of the common man.

The instructions, which Patna range deputy inspector-general (DIG) Rajesh Kumar issued on Thursday, set time limits on case supervision, progress reports and filing charge sheets, and outline dos and don’ts in case of property attachment.

Per the DIG’s instructions, a senior officer – sub-divisional police officer (SDPO) or inspector – has to supervise within 10 days any case lodged at a police station.

If the officers fail to supervise the case within 10 days it would be understood that the officers are unable to handle it, and the case will be handed to other officers.

The officer assigned the task of supervising has to submit the progress report in the case within 25 days. Injury report – clash, murder or attempt to murder – has to be processed within 10 days and forensic reports must be ready within 30 days.

The directive on attachment of property of an absconding accused mentions that the attachment has to be done within three days after the court nod. And the DIG’s says that apart from exceptional cases, the charge sheet has to be filed in a case within 60 days.

“The instruction has been issued so that image of police among common people is strengthened,” said DIG Rajesh. “The directives issued are those which aim at helping people so that they get justice on time.”

Sources said that there are around 18,000 cases pending at police stations in Patna and Nalanda districts. Some cases are pending for more than eight years.

On Wednesday, DIG Rajesh had issued a directive asking the police to register a counter case only if it is filed within 10 hours of the original case.

The DIG issued the instructions after he came to know that in many cases the victim who has filed a case is getting delayed justice because the accused files a counter case after two to three days.

Courtesy: The Telegraph

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