October 28, 2020

Jantantrik Janata Dal chief Sharad Yadav strongly backs AAP government in Delhi

Patna: Jantantrik Janata Dal chief Sharad Yadav on Thursday came out strongly in favour of the AAP government in Delhi.

“Ever since the AAP government came to power we have been seeing how they have been struggling to work for the people of the region. It is for the first time that an elected government is not being allowed to work for one reason or the other,” Sharad remarked in a statement, stressing that everyday there is news that some or the other Delhi government proposal has been rejected or not allowed to go forward.

“Earlier, Delhi government’s plans were getting stuck at the political level but now it is condemnable that work is being hampered at the bureaucratic level too,” Sharad said.

He maintained that it is not a good precedent being set that an elected government is not allowed to work.

“This is not a failure of the state government. The people of Delhi are being neglected because of unnecessary tussle between the lieutenant governor and the state government. “I fail to understand what is gained by not allowing the government to work,” he remarked in a statement issued on Thursday.

The Centre should have intervened and sorted out the issues so that at least the people don’t suffer, he said.

He also more than AAP, it was the reputation of the ruling party that was being hampered for not allowing the state government to work for the people.

“What is happening in Delhi is not acceptable. Today it is Delhi; tomorrow it could be some other state,” Sharad said.

“This will prove disastrous for democracy in our country. I urge the central government to take an initiative to settle the issues involving the state government once and for all.

Courtesy: The Telegraph

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