October 23, 2020

Varsity push for Mithila script

Darbhanga: The Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University has decided to save Mithilakshar – the Mithila script – and revive its fast-vanishing linguistic identity.

The university has planned to organise workshops to teach its students “Mithilakshar” and also install name-boards of the departments in the Mithila script.

Vice-chancellor Sarva Narayan Jha has passed the order and it has been communicated to all the principals and heads of departments.

The letter has been issued in Maithili.

Following the order, the university headquarters, postgraduate departments and all the affiliated colleges will have to add another name board displaying information in “Mithilakshar”, besides the existing boards written in Sanskrit.

Vice-chancellor Jha said: “It is very important to promote learning, reading and writing in Mithilakshar, so that the present and coming generations is equipped to read and understand the knowledge that has been imparted in manuscripts and books written in the script.

“The way knowledge of Mithilakshar is fading among the people of Mithilanchal, in the near future, there might be no one who will be skilled enough to read or understand the script,” he rued.

Jha added that language is an efficient means of transmitting culture from one generation to another, and it is a great loss when a language is not used in social realms in a meaningful manner.

Courtesy: The Telegraph

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