March 24, 2023

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25 exhibits approved for Science City

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PATNA: At least 25 interactive exhibits giving useful information for adults and children on the amazing world of science through various perspectives have been finalized to be displayed at the proposed Science City coming up at Rajendra Nagar in Patna.

For instance, an interactive model in the ‘Body and Mind’ gallery will give intrinsic details of the anatomy of human digestive system.

“The model will explain the entire process of digestion starting from the mouth. This will include fluid flow and the breakdown of food through enzymes inside the stomach. The visitor can go inside the model and get a view of internal human body. The size of this model will be 6-7 metres in height,” Bihar science and technology department director Atul Sinha said on Monday.

Similarly, a three-dimensional model of the Ganga will be showcased in the ‘Planet Sustainability’ gallery, which will describe the nature of pollutants being introduced in the water bodies in different cities.

Explaining more about the model on the Ganga, Prof Vinod Tare from the department of environmental engineering at IIT-Kanpur said, “The pollution in water bodies is increasing drastically. A large number of pollutants are added in the 2525km river that originates in the western Himalayas. In cities like Kanpur, the pollution is mostly chemical and industrial whereas in cities like Allahabad, the nature of pollutants is usually human excreta and other waste.”

‘Be A Scientist’ gallery will be based on the theme ‘walk in with an idea and walk out with the model’. “This gallery will provide a learning space to science enthusiasts. It will be equipped with all the materials and machineries required for creating a model, including small moulding machines, 3-D printing machines, mechanical cutters for cutting wooden and steel,” said Sinha.

The 25 designs were shortlisted from 42 entries at a three-day meeting of an experts’ committee which concluded on Saturday.

“We require 100 exhibits for display at the Science City to ensure complete utilization of the available space. Another meeting of the experts’ committee in the last week of June will finalize more exhibits,” Sinha said, adding the exhibits would be divided into five categories, including Basic Science, Body and Mind, Learning Space, Planet Sustainability and Space and Astronomy.

Courtesy: TNN

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