April 13, 2024

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7 men assault Motihari girl, blackmail her father, release video on social media

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Bihar: Seven men assault Motihari girl, blackmail her father then release video on social mediaIn yet another horrifying incident in Bihar, seven goons who filmed a girl while assaulting her in Motihari, have released the video on social media. They had been blackmailing the girl’s father about the video and had demanded a payoff of Rs. 50,000.

On not getting the payment they released the video on social media. In the video it can be seen that the girl along with a boy (believed to be a friend of hers), are flanked by the goons and are being harassed. The men can be seen assaulting them physically and also hurling abuses at them.

The shocking part is that these anti-social elements called themselves as the social reformers.

They then blackmailed the girl’s father with the video and demanded Rs. 50,000 in lieu of not releasing the video. The girl’s father not being financially well-off could not pay the ransom and the goons shared the video on social media.

The victim has stopped going to college and coaching and has since then not set her foot outside her house.

Fearing the hoodlums, the father of the girl did not file a complaint in the police station but directly in court. No arrest has been made in this regard even after the video has gone viral on social media.

Earlier this month a shameful video of molestation in Bihar’s Kaimur went viral. Before that the Jehanabad molestation video had shocked one and all.

Courtesy: ABP News

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