May 18, 2024

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Allegations of collusion in land grabbing against Bihar’s Home Sec & Cong MLA; both deny charges

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congress-mla-jawed-azadNew Delhi: A resident of Patna has accused the Congress MLA from Kishanganj Jawed Azad and Home Secretary of Bihar Amir Subhani of collusion in land grabbing. Shah Raza, alias Dimple Khan, a resident of Patna has accused Javed Azad and Amir Subhani of “interest in land dealings” and for helping each other “to grab the disputed land.”

According to Shah Raza, he had “agreement” with the actual owner of the land to purchase it, but the owner is now being coerced to sell it off to one Mansoor Alam, a relative of Jawed Azad.

He alleges that Subhani is “misusing his official position and power as Home Secretary to help Mr Mansoor Alam grab the land measuring six kathas of land,” situated in Samanpura locality under Shahstri Nagar Police Station in Patna.

Shah Raza has now written a letter to Chief Vigilance Commissioner giving details of meetings and alleged land dealings and has urged action.

Azad and Subhani are believed to be “close friends.” Azad also holds important position in Shershah Housing Co-op Construction Society, and Alam allegedly possess a document regarding ownership of disputed land.

He alleges that on December 16, 2013 Bihar’s Home Secretary had called a meeting of Mansoor Alam, Bashisht Singh’s brother and Vidya Bhushan, In charge of Shashtri Nagar Police Station, where Raza alleges, “Mr Subhani Without seeing legal documents of Mr Bashisht Singh died with Mr Mansoor Alam.”

home-minister-amir-subhaniAccording to allegations on January 13, 2014 Subhani called another meeting of Shahstri Nagar Thana Incharge, SDO of Patna Sadar, DSP Secretariat, DCLR Patna Sadar, Mansoor Alam and brother of Bashisht Singh. Allegedly he “pressurized the police and the civil officials to help Mr Mansoor ALam in grabbing the land of Mr Bashisht Singh in a deceit-full manner.”

Bashisht Singh had earlier agreed to sell his land to Shah Raza. In letter to the CVC, Raza has also attached the copy of agreement between him and Singh.

Shah Raza has also alleged that both Subhani and Azad are “using their clout and harassing by hook or crook” him as well. He alleged that on directions of both Subhani and Azad, a false case has been registered against him.

He went on to allege that Azad has assured Subhani to help him get “plum post” in Delhi on deputation.

Shah Raza has now urged the CVC to investigate the matter and take “stern and prompt action” against Subhani, Azad and others. He has also sent copies of same letters to 23 departments in total, including the office of the Prime Minister, Home Minister, Home Secretary, Department of Personnel and Training, etc.

Both denied the allegations:

When TCN contacted the Bihar Home Secretary Amir Subhani, he expressed his surprise, denying all allegations. He said he is not even aware of any Bashisht Singh and such land dealings.

Kishanganj MLA and Congress leader Jawed Azad too expressed his shock, questioning the veracity of the letter. He said that indeed one of his relatives’ from Kishanganj is Mansoor Alam, but he has no knowledge of any land dealings in Patna.

Azad laughed off the charges saying, he is not able to keep tab of his own lands and how will he grab any other property in Patna.

Asked about his relations with Subhani, he said that the senior bureaucrat is “of course known to everyone in Bihar,” but how does that prove any collusion?

Jawed Azad further said that if any concerned party has approached the CVC, he would also appeal to the Vigilance Commissioner to have time bound fair probe so that the truth would come out once the investigation is completed.

Efforts of TCN to reach out to Bashisht Singh failed at the time of filing this report, as his phone was switched off and he is currently in Siwan district.

Courtesy: TCN

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