June 15, 2024

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East wind denies respite

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Patna: The state capital and other parts of Bihar will have to suffer the sultry conditions for at least three more days. Meteorologists expect the moisture-laden easterlies to continue to be the dominant wind during the period, keeping the humidity level high.

“Anti-cyclonic condition in the Bay of Bengal is reason behind the blowing of moisture-laden easterlies. When this moist air moves upward after being heated, it leads to formation of thin cloud cover,” Patna Met office scientist Anand Shankar told The Telegraph on Wednesday.

He said that except the Gaya region where the temperature was hovering around 40°C mark, the state would witness normal maximum temperature levels but the minimum temperature would be a bit higher than normal.

In Patna, the day temperature level is expected be around 38°C during the next three days. The Met scientist, however, clarified that despite cloudy conditions chances of rainfall were slim in most parts of Bihar.

“The synoptic features needed for development of thunderstorm accompanied by rain are not present. Some places in the eastern parts of the state may witness some rain,” Shankar said.

Though the minimum temperature level is likely to be higher than normal, chances of warm night conditions are also slim.

Warm night condition is said to be prevailing when the maximum temperature remains over 40°C and the minimum temperature remains at least 4.5°C above normal.

The high humidity, however, is adding to the summer woes.

“As soon as you switch off the air-conditioner, you end up sweating excessively. I have not gone for morning walks for the past two days owing to the uncomfortable weather,” said Ashiana Nagar resident N.K. Mishra.

Sudha Singh, a homemaker from the Raja Bazaar locality, had a similar complaint. “It has become a tough ask to cook in the kitchen. Excessive sweating is really talking a toll on people like us who have to cook for their family,” she said.

Shankar attributed the problem to the real-feel of the temperature and stated that when high humidity levels prevail and wind speed is not high, one feels discomfort even if the temperature is not very high. The real-feel temperature is calculated taking several factors into account including temperature, humidity, cloud cover, and wind speed.

The wind right now is blowing at speeds of 4 to 7 km per hour, which is not providing much relief from the muggy heat.

Courtesy: The Telegraph

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