April 22, 2024

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Erotic sculptures of Pala period discovered in Bihar village

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Patna: The sudden discovery of dozens of erotic sculptures dating back to nearly 10thcentury on the pattern of the famous Khajuraho temples at a remote village Baidyanath at Ramgarh block in Naxal hit Kaimur district, has surprised everyone.

The proper study of these sculptures is likely to throw a fresh light on the early medieval history of Bihar. The entire region is dotted with huge antiquities in adjoining Rohtas and Buxar districts.

One of the oldest surviving centrally protected monuments in the country -Mundeshwari temple (1600-year-old) is also located in Maoist-hit Kaimur district. The temple situated atop a 608 feet hill is the ‘oldest functional temple’ in the country where regular prayers have been performed from past several hundred years.

It may be mentioned here that Khajuraho is the evidences of the architectural geniuses during the times of Chandela dynasty situated in Madhya Pradesh. Interestingly, Khajuraho temples were also built in the short span of a hundred years, from 950-1050AD.

A team of archaeologists led by its excavation officer incharge Anant Ashutosh Dwidevi during the recent course of digging work at the famous Chausa Garh in nearby Buxar district found such erotic sculptures scattered in the village.

“It was a chance discovery of such erotic sculptures of the Pala period (10 thCentury AD) at the remote village in hilly Kaimur district last week. Villagers were quite excited in knowing more details of sculptures in this region”, Dwivedi told TOI.

Last month CM Nitish Kumar during his Seva Yatra in Buxar district had also made visit to the excavated site at Chausa Garh. CM directed the state archaeology department officials to set up museum near the excavated site for keeping all antiquities found during excavation.

“We do not have any historical trace of finding any erotic sculptures in Bihar. We are only aware about the lone Nepali temple in Hajipur in Vaishali district dating back to the 17 thcentury AD where some erotic sculptures are found. With the discovery of such sculptures in Kaimur district, there is a need for further exploration in this region” , Dwivedi felt.

Dozens of sculptures similar to Khajuraho temples “amorous couple’ (celebrating life) are scattered in different parts of the remote village of Kaimur district.

Courtesy: TNN

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