April 17, 2024

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Nitish Kumar Eases Liquor Laws. Seizure Of Property, Vehicles To Stop

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Nitish Kumar Eases Liquor Laws. Seizure Of Property, Vehicles To StopPatna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is out to relax certain provisions of prohibition in the state, a move that’s expected to give teeth to critics who say the ban on liquor has failed.

Sources said after a meeting today, Mr Kumar’s cabinet scrapped some of the stringent provisions of prohibition, like sealing of a campus where liquor bottle have been found.

Sources also said a house or vehicle won’t be seized if liquor or a drunk person is found on the premises.

Cabinet Secretary Arun Kumar Singh said, “The Bihar government will present an amendment law on the liquor prohibition act in the upcoming monsoon session of the state assembly”.

Last month, Mr Kumar had hinted about the amendments, saying a committee has been set up to look into complaints of misuse of the prohibition law.

The chief minister, however, said there would be “no compromise” on the prohibition policy.

“The ban on sale and consumption of alcohol has brought innumerable benefits. People’s quality of life has improved. I feel disgust when people suggest that we should not have introduced prohibition since liquor brings lots of revenue,” news agency Press TRust of India quoted him as saying.

Courtesy: NDTV

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