April 16, 2024

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Outages anger Muzaffarpur residents

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Muzaffarpur: Drastic cut in power supply to Muzaffarpur in the name of “maintenance work” has once again worsened power supply in Muzaffarpur district resulting in sporadic public agitations including assault on Essel power distribution company’s staff at different places in the town as well as in Kanti and Motipur block areas of the district during the last couple of days.

According to public relations officer (PRO) of Essel Power Distribution Company, Asif Masood, the crisis has been triggered by a curtailment in allotment of power to Bhikhanpura grid sub-station from the usual 70 MW to hardly 40 to 50 MW because of maintenance work in 132 KV transmission line at Kanti thermal plant. The work was started on July 3 and is likely to be completed by July 13, although previously electrical engineers had assured to complete the work within a week.

At no time has supply exceeded 50 MW in the last 10 days. The grid has been getting only 70 MW irrespective of the requirement of 110 MW as it does not have the capacity to take more load. There has been no effort on the part of North Bihar Power Distribution Company to augment the capacity of Bhikhanpura grid.

As Bhikhanpura grid also supplies power to Kanti, Motipur, Sahebganj and parts of western areas of this district besides 75% area of this town, the villagers, too, have joined the agitation against the poor power supply. Essel staff members have been assaulted at Kanti and Motipur and power consumers have gheraoed power officers.

A number of consumers alleged here on Saturday that the government was saving money over power purchase on the pretext of maintenance work. “Maintenance” of line had been stopped by the order of the DM during the last Lok Sabha elections and then the power situation had suddenly improved. Besides maintenance, work on extending a separate line from Kanti to medical feeder located at SK Medical College Hospital has been going on for more than the last one month although it should have been completed within a fortnight. Consequently, against the requirement of 40 MW, medical feeder is getting hardly 20 to 25 MW even after being linked to Chandwara feeder. Moreover, voltage has reached the lowest ebb.

Essel engineers claim that they are unable to augment the voltage adding they were giving to the consumers what they were receiving from North Bihar Power Distribution Company. But, informed sources claimed that the voltage can be increased from 135 points at present to 200 points by linking the supply line with proper earthing.

Meanwhile, entrepreneurs of Bela industrial area on Saturday claimed they are not receiving power for more than three hours during working hours. They have threatened to lock up their units if they fail to get uninterrupted supply during working hours. Similarly, the entire southern, eastern and western parts of Muzaffarpur town are getting power for a total of 8 to 10 hours every 24 hours and that too amidst dozens of trippings.

Courtesy: TNN

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