April 21, 2024

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Replica beats AK-47 demand

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Patna: “Made in Munger” AK-47 assault rifles are the most sought-after weapon for contract killers operating in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand.

The sharpshooters’ latest fascination for the “Munger-made AK-47” rifles has set the alarm bells ringing in the security establishment.

“The contract killers’ frequent use of this locally made assault rifle in the state is a matter of concern. What is more stunning is that the weapon is available on rent,” said a senior IPS officer posted at the headquarters.

Big gangsters, who have quit petty crime and want to make a fast buck without getting directly involved in the crime, give local goons this sophisticated weapon.

According to police sources, while an original AK-47 can be hired for Rs 7 to 8 lakh, the Munger-made rifle (AK-47) is available on rent for anything between Rs 1 lakh and 3 lakh depending on the urgency. The officer, who is associated with major operations against organised crime in the state, told The Telegraph on Friday that the quality of the Munger-made AK-47s is as good as the original.

“Why should I go for an original one when the locally made weapon has the same impact,” the IPS officer quoted a notorious arms supplier of Munger as saying.

The AK-47 weapon was used in the daylight murder of Dina Gope, an influential RJD leader and husband of a ward councillor, in the Gardanibagh police station area in Patna in May. Moreover, the illegal weapon was hired by the killers. The fact came to the fore during interrogation of a dreaded gangster, Vikas Singh, from Ranchi in Jharkhand on June 6 this year.

The interrogators were taken aback when Vikas revealed that the Munger-made AK-47 was hired by the shooters to eliminate Gope, who was in realty.

City superintendent of police (Patna central) D. Amarkesh confirmed that the AK-47 was used in the murder of Dina Gope.

“The criminals use the weapon for impact and 100 per cent results that a country-made pistol can’t provide,” revealed Amarkesh.

The sophisticated weapon was earlier used in the killing of an engineer of a private power holding corporation in Sheohar and two engineers of a private road construction company in Darbhanga district a couple of years ago.

The police didn’t deny the use of the same rifle in the murder of another don-turned-politician Brijnathi Singh, BJP vice-president Visheshwar Ojha in Patna and Bhojpur districts, respectively. What has worried the police top brass is that the dons of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand have started giving this rifle on rent to contract killers. In most cases, weapons used in crime have not been recovered.

Courtesy: TNN

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