April 16, 2024

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RJD white paper on Modi govt show

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Patna: The RJD on Monday released a white paper on what it called the failures of the Narendra Modi government in four years, equating the regime with dictatorship.

The party alleged that Narendra Modi had restricted himself to self-promotion and slogan-creation over the past four years.

Accompanied by party leaders, RJD state unit president and MLC Ram Chandra Purbey claimed that the vision of Modi government was clear in which the BJP-led NDA government wanted to replace the Constitution with Manusmriti.

“In the assessment of the four years of the Modi government, it was found that he is on the path of dictator Adolf Hitler. There are similarities between Hitler and Narendra Modi. He even delivers attractive speeches to provoke people in the style of Hitler. Narendra Modi believes in self-promotion and slogan-creation,” Purbey said.

Purbey claimed that the PM has appointed people from the RSS background in top posts in every department as principal secretary and secretary.

He also alleged that only principal secretaries are called during the cabinet meeting and the ministers of respective departments have been asked to stay away from the cabinet meeting.

Purbey alleged that department principal secretaries had been directed to maintain distance from the media and no media is allowed with the PM on board.

He further compared with Hitler saying that Narendra Modi believed in creating social disturbances and supporting religious atrocities the way Hitler did with Jews.

“Hitler killed many people from the Jewish community to maintain his hegemony after which Jews had to run away from Germany. In a similar way, Narendra Modi is targeting one particular community after becoming PM to scare them. That’s the reason his many cabinet ministers issue provocative speeches on which Modi has never opened his mouth. Ever since the NDA has formed the government, communal riots increased manifold in India,” Purbey alleged.

Purbey stressed that constitutional posts are under threat in the regime of Narendra Modi government, where appointment of governors are being carried out keeping the tradition aside. Purbey alleged that people being retired from the judiciary are given the post of governor.

“Under the present government, there is an attack on the federal structure of the Indian Constitution in which persons sitting in the governors’ seat are being forced to act as agent of a particular political party. The Centre has started making unnecessary intervention in the state affairs and central investigative agencies like the CBI, the ED and the IT are being used to target the opposition parties,” Purbey said.

Courtesy: The Telegraph

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