April 13, 2024

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Tej waves ‘no entry Nitish Chacha’ sign

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Patna: RJD chief Lalu Prasad’s elder son Tej Pratap Yadav waved a piece of paper with the words “No entry Nitish Chacha” printed on it on Tuesday, two days after he promised to set up a signboard debarring the chief minister outside the 10 Circular Road bungalow that the RJD first family occupies.

Tej Pratap and his brother, leader of Opposition Tejashwi Prasad Yadav, have stuck to their guns against the return of Nitish Kumar to the Grand Alliance even as political speculation builds over the equation between the JDU and the BJP and the Congress leadership has also been pro-Nitish noises.

Tej Pratap waved the a4 size paper, with No entry written in English and Nitish Chacha in Hindi, from inside 10 Circular Road at 10.30am on Tuesday.

A posse of journalists had assembled outside the bungalow to follow up on the social media post by Tej Pratap – which he on Tuesday denied posting – that created a flutter on Monday.

Tej Pratap, however, refused to come out from the bungalow and waived the printout to the reporters.

The journalists kept on requesting Tej Pratap to come out and talk to them, but the former state health minister did not oblige.

“I have finally put up the post at my residence which proves that there is no entry for Nitish chacha at 10 Circular Road,” Tej Pratap said, holding up the paper from inside the bungalow.

He also declared that he will put up a similar sign at 5 Deshratna Marg, the official residence of his younger brother.

The JDU trashed Tej Pratap’s theatrics.

JDU MLC Neeraj Kumar claimed: “Very soon Mahabharat will take place between two brothers on the issue of control over the RJD.”

On Monday, reacting to Tej Pratap’s “no entry for Nitish” vow, Neeraj had declared that no honest person visits 10 Circular Road.

Asked if the JDU was trying to re-embrace the RJD, JDU state president Bashishtha Narayan Singh said: “Whenever people have delusions, they start making baseless comments; we do not react to baseless statements.”

Courtesy: The Telegraph

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