May 19, 2024

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TTE throws out a passenger from moving train in Bihar’s Gaya

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TTE threw out a passenger on a moving Ajmer-Sealdah Express near Gaya Junction. The passenger was injured due to this. The injured passenger has complained to the station manager and GRP police station against TTE.

Mohd. Azhar on Tuesday took general ticket of Superfast for Gaya from Dhanbad. Ajmer-Sealdah Express stopped at Gaya Junction at around 11.15 AM. In the meantime, in a hurry to go to Dhanbad, Azhar boarded a sleeper coach. After running the train two TTE came in the coach. Azhar told them that the train had started running, so he got into the sleeper in haste. On the next station, he will move to the General coach. But the ticket conductor started making a ticket along with imposing a fine.

The traveler said that he had three hundred rupees which were falling short for the penalty. A TTE was furious on it and pushed him to the door. In this heated exchange between the two Azhar was pushed by the TT and he fell on the track. There have been injuries on his face and head. He got up in some way and went to GRP police station and complained against TTE. Police station Parashuram Singh said that the matter is under investigation.

Courtesy: UNN

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