November 25, 2020

‘Encounter self, and create magic of win’

jeet-ka-jaaduHaving authored 16 books in fiction and non-fiction genres, Bihar’s son of the soil Ratneshwar Singh wrote ‘Jeet Ka Jaadu’, probably the first ever motivational book in Hindi which sold like hot cakes. In an interview with Anisha Anand, he reveals how his encounter with spirituality led him to peep into self

After fiction and non-fiction, what prompted you to motivational writing?

I have been into storytelling and writing almost since my childhood. I was known in my school as a “story master”. I started writing for newspapers while I was in Maharashtra for my higher studies. After working at several places, including Patna, I shifted back to Mumbai to have a settled career. I worked for a management institute as an HR man and conducted workshops on topics such as ‘how to win’ and ‘how to succeed’. It was during those days that I conceived the idea to compile my ideas on life and success in a book. And it took around 16 months to complete the book which hit the stands under the title ‘Jeet Ka Jaadu’.

What went into the making of ‘Jeet Ka Jaadu’?

Sometimes I feel Mumbai beckoned me because I was destined to write this book. I stayed at a tenanted accommodation, situated at a foothill in a jungle at Dahisar in Mumbai. Sometimes wild animals used to flock my house. During my stay there, I experienced an encounter with my spiritual self and remained in a state of trance for almost 21 days… It was as if my soul popped out of my body and wandered all around. I experienced I was in complete unison with nature. The water component of my body was in consonance with the water component in the nature like it was with Tansen. When he would sing, it would rain. I also visited the thick mangrove forests on the seashore, which people generally don’t visit, and met animals such as alligators, snakes and beautiful birds. As I found nature at its best, my belief that I was nature and vice versa became stronger.

The English translation of the book is also in the pipeline. What do you think is the reason behind the huge success of the book?

All the motivational books in English, when translated into Hindi, were a hit. But an original Hindi book was missing from the shelves in stores. My book filled the gap. Also, the English books, translated into Hindi, focused on big personalities with whom the readers could not connect easily. My book is about common people and common incidents. Perhaps that’s why people belonging to Hindi belt lapped up my book. The English version is in the stage of proofreading.

How will you summarize the “magic of winning” in few words?

I believe the nectar of success is to recognize one’s potential. The crux and motive of my book is to make people encounter themselves. The entire universe is within them as human beings are also made with the four elements that comprise this universe. They can accomplish the entire universe if they so desire. The only need is to recognize their power and make their cords strike with all the elements of nature.

Courtesy: TNN

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