May 18, 2024

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Bihar appoints Lokpals in 12 districts

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Patna, Oct 31 (IANS) In a bid to check corruption in implementation of welfare schemes, the Nitish Kumar-led Bihar government has appointed Lokpals in 12 districts, the first such move in the country, officials Monday said.
Ten days after the Bihar government uploaded clips of complaints against officials who allegedly sought bribes to implement welfare schemes, Nitish Kumar has appointed Lokpals to check irregularities in the rural job scheme.
An official in the chief minister’s office said that Lokpals were appointed in 12 districts to curb embezzlement in implementation of NREGA funds.
‘The government will appoint Lokpals in all districts next month,’ he said.
Kumar has already declared zero tolerance for corruption in the state. He has repeatedly said at public meetings that ill-gotten property of corrupt officials will be confiscated and their homes turned into schools for poor children.
In the first week of September, a primary school was opened in the confiscated three-storey house of an official.

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