July 11, 2024

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Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar rules out tie-up with BJP in future

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thebihar_Nitish-kumar3Patna: Taking the ongoing war of words between the two erstwhile allies to a logical conclusion, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today ruled out a tie up with BJP in the future, saying the chapter was closed forever irrespective of any consequences.

“No question arises of an alliance with BJP in the future under any situation and irrespective of any consequences….that chapter is over for good,” he said in the legislative Assembly while replying to the two-day debate on the Governor’s address to the joint session of the state legislature last week.

“Whether my government survives or bites the dust, no question arises of an alliance with BJP in the future under whatever situation or irrespective of any consequences,” Kumar said amid applause from the treasury benches.

“It’s impossible (future alliance between JD(U) and BJP,” he said.

That chapter (17 year-long alliance between Samata Party/JD(U) and BJP) was over for good, the Chief Minister said.

He also returned the “betrayal” jibe of BJP over JD(U) parting ways with it last year after Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s elevation in the BJP ranks.

“I did not betray you, but you did to me…..you betrayed my trust,” he said while defending his decision to sever the nearly two-decade-old alliance with BJP, saying he did so on the ground of principle.

Courtesy: PTI

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