June 13, 2024

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Bihar likely to ban single-use plastic

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PATNA: Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi said on Wednesday the state government would try to ban single-use plastic within a year.

Addressing an event organized by Bihar State Pollution Control Board (BSPCB), Modi said, “Seven to eight states have banned plastic use. We will learn from their experience before deciding on a ban on single-use plastic products.” He said the central government has decided to limit the use of plastic products by 2022.

Modi also said he would discuss with Patna Dairy officials to find an alternative for milk pouches. “In case they can’t, they can ‘buy back’ the pouches in order to recycle them,” he said and asked BSPCB chairman Ashok Kumar Ghosh to hold a meeting with 100 big shops and store owners and ask them to distribute bags made of paper and clothes, instead of plastic. “Bihar government has issued a circular in all government departments not to use pet plastic bottles in any government programme,” he said and stressed on the use of clay cups (kulhad).

He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to enlist the help of developed nations in terms of technology and funds to curb pollution, but countries like the US refused. Talking about Britain, he said it had utilized natural resources from its colonial countries to develop own nation.

Modi said developed countries, particularly in Europe and the US, produce the highest levels of pollution in the world. “In the last 50 years, developed nations have plundered their natural resources. During the Paris Accord, there was need to set a timeline to curb environmental pollution, but the US took a back step. After Donald Trump assumed the office as its President, the US took a step back from all its positive measures undertaken towards pollution control before the Paris summit,” Modi said.

Courtesy: TNN

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