July 12, 2024

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Bihari resident in Imphal; AMWJU denounce Pappu Yadav

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pappu-yadavIMPHAL, September 7: Searching of Manipuri passengers in trains passing though Bihar State to make them return initiated by expelled RJD parliamentarian Pappu Yadav was denounced today.

Kishan Prasad, a Bihari merchant who has been residing in the state since 65 years said during a press meet held today at Manipur Press Club said that it was very unfortunate that Pappu Yadav is leading such unethical acts.

He mentioned that he was born in Manipur and has been participating in many sports like Kabaddi, football and even he played hockey with Nilkamal.

He said he is more Manipuri than Bihari and his father who expired in 1979 has served as an employee at the Manipur Central Jail.

Kishan Prasad further said that Bills and Acts are framed by the Government and for the same it is not wise to blame the general public creating fear psychosis to the Northeastern commuters.

He also said Pappu Yadav should visit the state to witness the current situation in the state of Manipur and that non locals are well continuing their respective businesses as usual.

He also appealed to the concerned TV channels not to spread such stories which might trigger communal flare ups in the state.

Artist Naba Volcano said during the press meet said that Bihar MP Pappu Yadav without any conscience has tried to disturb the national integrity with his act telecast by Aajtak TV Channel.

He said that Pappu Yadav who has served in jail for his criminal activities should not act against the sentiments inclining to disturb the harmony of the state.

President All Manipur Working Journalists`™ Union Wangkhemcha Shamjai appealed to all concerned not to spread rumour which could ignite communal flare ups.

National Secretary Indian Journalists`™ Union Ratan Luwang who is also Vice President of AMWJU expressed that he had informed the members of the Indian Journalists`™ Union to communicate to all media houses across India to crosscheck news item which could disturb communal integrity.

It may be mentioned that individuals from the state have uploaded many provocative items through social media like Facebook which are then carried as news.

For the reason this state government has resorted to the drastic step of temporarily stopping data service (Internet via SIM card) to control uploading of baseless and made-up footage which could create chaotic situation in the state.

Courtesy: KanglaOnline

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