April 17, 2024

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CRPF hints at mistake in defusing IED which killed 3 in Bihar

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CRPF-biharThe CRPF today indicated that there could have been a “mistake” by its officials in crippling an IED in Bihar’s Aurangabad district which left three of its personnel dead and seven others injured.

However, CRPF chief Dilip Trivedi dismissed any shortcomings in the evacuation of one of its jawan whose heart wrenching appeal to save him was flashed across TV channels and social media platforms.

“Our officers have come back (from Bihar) after investigations in this case. The information that I have got is that there is no such lapse (in evacuating the injured personnel). Also, may be, it can be said that there could have been a slight mistake or lapse in handling the IED but it can be a human error.

“Even experts commit mistakes but it is important to see that our men went on a mission of national security and we should not be doubtful about someone who has sacrificed his life,” CRPF Director General Dilip Trivedi told reporters on the sidelines of the ‘valour day’ and passing out of new officers event here.

He also defended his injured Jawan Dilip Kumar, who was seen making a fervent appeal to save his life in a video clip.

“When someone has seen a blast he could be disturbed. He is not careful about the timing and other things…the helicopter cannot fly immediately and in Gaya there was no landing facility but even then the chopper landed to pick the injured trooper. The incident happened at about 1:20 PM and the chopper was there by 2:30 PM,” Trivedi said.

The jawan, who is admitted in a critical state in Ranchi’s Apollo hospital, was seen appealing to the Prime Minister, President and his DG (Trivedi) to save his life.

“I have no doctor with me…I will die…I am losing blood…I have small kids…it has been two hours but there has been no helicopter for me. I have been hit in an IED blast,” he was seen stating in the video.

Courtesy: PTI

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