March 5, 2024

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Human rights violation cases witness surge in 2013, BHRC still without a presiding officer

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nitish-kumarBihar has been witnessing a rising trend in cases of human rights violation since the setting up of Bihar Human Rights Commission in the state in 2008.

According to figures compiled by National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) for the year 2013, there has been upsurge in cases of human rights violation to 4782 in comparison to 4345 reported in 2012. The cases registered in 2011 was 3831.

Of the total cases of human rights violation registered in 2013, almost 800 cases pertains to cases of police department. As per record between 2008-13, out of almost 19500 cases of human rights violation, 7000 pertains to the police department which speaks volume about the functioning of state police force.

Speaking on the rising trend of police atrocities in the state, former member of BHRC Justice Rajendra Prasad spoke exclusively to Headlines Today-Aaj Tak and expressed his concern.

Justice Prasad said, ” There is a rising trend of police atrocities and violation of human rights. When a common man dons a uniform, he loses his humanity and his uniform starts to speak. He considers himself as authority and policemen lose their ethics. Till date, people do not trust the police. A person fears going to the police station for the reason that he would be insulted and humiliated”.

Amidst increasing cases of police atrocities in the state, what is surprising is that the post of the Chairperson of BHRC is lying vacant for over a month now. What is further surprising is that when at a time the Bihar police is cornering maximum share of complaints of human rights violation, BHRC member and former DGP of Bihar Neelmani is operating as the Commission’s acting chairperson. The question is can the victim of police brutality expect delivery of justice at the hands of the acting chairperson.

Headlines Today-Aaj Tak spoke exclusively to Neelmani who did admit that there were some 2000 cases of police atrocities that have been registred in the Commission in 2013 but tried to downplay the number pointing out that the atrocities were not of serious nature.

Neelmani said ” 1.6 lac cognizable cases have been registered by Bihar police out of which 2000 cases of police atrocities have been registered in the Commission. With so many cases registered, police is interacting with a large population and during interaction police do tend to exceed their brief. But this number of human rights violation is very low and of not very serious nature”.

State BJP leader Giriraj Singh has attacked Bihar CM Nitish Kumar for increasing cases of police atrocities in the state. Singh said that the state police had become unruly only after Nitish gave a free hand to it.

Singh said ” During Nitish’s tenure police has become unruly and that is why cases of police atrocities have increased. Govt has no control over police. Though Nitish Kumar that he is serious of human rights violations, the fact is he is not”.

Policing in Bihar has always come under the scanner for its antiquated and ruthless manner of operations. With the way BHRC is also running in the state, there is serious question being asked as how how serious is the state govt in delivering justice to the aggrieved.

Courtesy: India Today

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