May 21, 2024

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Medical aid classes for drivers

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Patna: In a unique initiative, the doctors of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Patna, in collaboration with the Bihar State Disaster Management Authority (BSDMA) trained autorickshaw and bus drivers on how to provide basic medical aid to road accident victims.

As per AIIMS doctors, the initiative will be helpful as drivers happen to be first-hand responders in road accident cases most of the times and so they can extend a helping hand to the victims and thus many lives can be saved.

On Saturday, the doctors of the hospital trained around 200 drivers associated with both the commercial and state transport system and learnt ways to provide basic medical aid to the accident victims at a camp set up near Kargil Chowk.

The AIIMS doctors provided training at a camp organised by the state branch of All India Road Transport Works Federation to mark Road Safety Week celebrations. Among the doctors who trained drivers on the occasion included Dr Veena Singh, Dr Anil Kumar, Dr Sanjeev Kumar and others.

“The drivers were made acquainted about cardiac pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) technique useful in heart attack cases besides they were told how to safely transport the victims with fractured bones while keeping their fractured part immobile because if this is done it can further aggravate it. We taught them to use external support such as a wooden plank, quilt, towel and other things to provide support to the fractured part while keeping them immobile. The drivers were also taught how to wrap a piece of cloth tightly on the bleeding area (pressure bandage technique) and how they first have to elevate the bleeding portion because in road accident cases, the person might die due to excessive loss of blood. So stopping the blood becomes priority in such cases,” said Dr Veena Singh.

She added that drivers were also taught how to remove helmet of the road accident victims so that they don’t have cervical spine fracture . “Training was also provided how to remove an accident victim safely from a broken vehicle while ensuring that he/she does not get further injury. All these things are very important in saving lives of the road accident victims,” said Singh.

Singh said the drivers would be trained on Sunday and Monday at the camp.

Courtesy: The Telegraph

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