July 16, 2024

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Modi blames Nitish government for terrorism in Bihar at Gaya rally

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BJP’s prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi on Thursday launched a scathing attack at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, accusing his government of going soft on terror. Addressing a rally at Gaya, he also pulled up the state government for not bringing progress in the state.

“The soil of Gaya was bloodied, but the govt here was worried only about how to save the vote bank. Such people have destroyed the nation. There should be no terrorism and terrorists must be punished. But can those sitting in Delhi and Patna do this? ” he said.

He said the tourism in Bihar suffered due to the inability of the state government to rein in terrorism.

“After terror attack the arrival of tourists dropped. Who gained? Their chair is saved, but the poor lost opportunities,” he said.

He also took a jibe at Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar, saying despite being a woman, she has given little attention to the plight of women in the region.

“When Jharkhand was part of Bihar, you had plenty of coal but they have consumed the coal. Both the Centre and the state government have done little to improve the power scenario,” he said while addressing a public meeting here.

The BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate said while leaders talk of 21st century, Bihar remains in darkness.

“When I became the Chief Minister, Gujarat had a very bad power situation. People requested me to ensure that they get power at least during dinner time. Today there is 24-hour power supply. In villages, people can run internet, television and small factories….How will India progress without power,” he said.

While the Centre and the state government blame each other for the scenario, it is the farmer which suffers, he said, adding after the counting of votes, the country and the region will see “spring” of development.

He also attacked Congress for it election manifesto and accused it of lying to the people.

“In 2009, they had promised to bring down price rise in 100 days. This time again, they have made a similar promise. They are indulging in a new experiment of putting chilli powder in people’s eyes,” he said.

Modi said Congress President Sonia Gandhi should sometimes come out with words of sympathy for the people as she is herself a mother.

Attacking Rahul Gandhi over Congress’ decision to replace the party’s candidate against him in Vadodara, Modi said though he was elected through primaries, he was denied an opportunity to contest as he is a Dalit.

“The seat was taken away from the Congress party candidate by murdering democracy. The seat was not taken away from him as I was contesting but because he is a Dalit,” Modi alleged.

He also attacked the primaries system introduced by Rahul Gandhi, saying, “The baby was stillborn.”

Hitting out at Meira Kumar who represents the Sasaram constituency, Modi said the foodgrain produced in the area is used to make alcohol and not to feed the hungry.

“Women are a worried lot despite their public representative being a woman herself. The MP has little time to listen to the problems of the people,” he said.

Courtesy: PTI

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