July 16, 2024

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Muslims donate land, money to build temple in Gaya

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In a display of communal harmony, people from the Muslim community donated money and land for constructing a temple in Bihar’s Gaya district of Guraru area.

Mansoor Ahmed, one of the locals, contributed six decimal land while another donated Rs. 3.5 lakh for the construction.

Elated locals from the Budhpur village said, “We all live together here. This message should go across the country. The whole village came out to help in building this temple for which we are very happy.”

The Budhpur village consists of Muslims in majority and was earlier recognized as a Naxal dominated area too.

The village had a mosque but not a temple in the area, which brought concern to the Muslim community as the Hindu rituals used to be practiced in the open.

Courtesy: ANI

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