June 25, 2024

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Newborn twins thrown into garbage dump filled with needles, syringes by aunt in Bhagalpur

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A woman in Bihar threw down her newborn nephews from the third floor of a government hospital on Friday night.

The tragic incident took place in Bhagalpur district and the police have held Shobha Devi who is the aunt of the twins.

Shobha did so after she failed to understand the doctor’s statement. One baby died on the spot while the other is still fighting for survival.


The condition of a woman named Ajala Devi from Arsandi village in Madhepura district worsened as she was seven months pregnant and she was admitted to the government hospital.

Due to her condition, doctors had to operate after which she delivered twins. The twin baby boys were underweight and in serious condition.


After the underweight twins were delivered, the doctors handed over the baby boys to Ajala’s sister-in-law Shobha Devi. The doctors asked her to rush the babies to the emergency ward to consult the child specialist but that’s where the comprehension-error happened.

Shobha could not understand the doctor’s words and threw the twin babies down on the garbage dumping ground from the third floor of the hospital, according to a Gulf News report.

The garbage dump was filled with used needles, syringes, plastic bottles and other medical waste.

When a few visitors saw Shobha throwing the babies, they raised an alarm and the hospital staff rushed to try and save the babies.

It was too late for one of the babies as he died on the spot and the other one is still battling to survive.

“I didn’t understand what the doctors said and thought both newborns are dead.”

– Gulf News quoted Shobha telling police

According to Shobha’s brother who is Ajala’s husband, Shobha has hearing problems which might have been the reason behind the misunderstanding.

Courtesy: GulfNews

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