July 12, 2024

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Opp. hits streets against fuel prices

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Patna: The Opposition on Saturday hit the streets in Patna, protesting against runaway fuel prices and burning effigies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a day his government completes four years at the Centre.

RJD’s national vice-president Raghuvansh Prasad Singh and state unit president Ram Chandra Purbey launched a protest march from the party office on Beer Chand Patel Marg with 200 workers and went till Dakbungalow.

The Patna district president, Dev Muni Singh Yadav, addressed the party workers, asking the workers to remain safe while burning the effigy. “I request you to be careful, and not burn yourself while burning the effigy of PM Narendra Modi. You people are more worthy than the PM, so be careful and maintain discipline,” Dev Muni said.

Among the protesters were members of the women’s cell, led by president Abha Lata. They passed through the BJP office, where police force was deputed, shouting ” kha gaya rashan, pee gaya tel, yeh dekho Modi ka khel (Look what Modi is doing – he is pilfering grocery and looting fuel)” and ” Modi tumko bhay hai, 2019 jana tay hai (Modi, be ready to lose in 2019)”.

When the protesters reached Income Tax roundabout, the police stopped them, requesting the group not to proceed as they did not have permission from the district administration. Raghuvansh, however, moved ahead holding RJD flags.

The march finally ended at 4.45pm at Dakbungalow roundabout after an hour. Raghuvansh said: ” Ravan ke desh mein tel sasta aur Ram ke desh mein tel mahanga (Petrol in Sri Lanka, Ravan’s land, is cheaper and in Lord Ram’s land, petrol is overpriced). We will tolerate this and demand a rollback in the fuel prices.” #

Raghuvansh had said on Friday that the price of petrol in Indian currency is Rs 63 in Sri Lanka, while the price in Patna has crossed Rs 82, as also in other states in India.

Courtesy: The Telegraph

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