June 15, 2024

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Paswan’s son making biopic on father

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Kangana Ranaut with Chirag, Reena, and Ram Vilas Paswan

Chirag Paswan is undertaking the ambitious task of translating his father’s political battle with Laloo Prasad Yadav onto celluloid

Politician Ram Vilas Paswan’s son Chirag Paswan’s debut film Miley Na Miley Hum may have bombed without anyone taking notice of him, but the young actor is far from calling it quits. He is, in fact, on the cusp of his biggest project yet — a biopic on his father. And Chirag will reportedly play the lead character of his father.

According to Chirag, this film will tell the “entire truth” about his father’s career so far. “It’s the best rags-to-riches story I’ve come across. Only I know the struggles he went through. If I were a writer I would write his biography. But since I’m an actor, I’ll put his story on screen.”
As many as seven writers, among whom four hail from Bihar, are reportedly preparing the film’s script. Chirag reportedly wanted to make his debut with the film, but was advised against tackling such a sensitive subject so early in his career. The idea for the biopic has been in the pipeline for the last four years. “But now I am ready to take on the challenge,” he added.
The screenplay is reportedly going to be divided into three parts. The first section will deal with the politician’s poverty-stricken childhood; the second will depict his induction into politics; and the third with how he took on political adversaries like Laloo Prasad Yadav.
According to Chirag, “Though I have no plans to become a politician, I’m not afraid of merging politics and cinema. I’ve grown up in a political family. Politics is my home turf and I can guarantee that my father’s story will shake up a few political bigwigs.”
Courtesy: MidDay

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