April 17, 2024

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Tejas Nobel taunt at CM

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RJD leader and former Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav

Patna: Tejashwi Prasad Yadav on Saturday claimed the JDU would soon merge with the BJP as a secret file of the chief minister was in the hands of the Prime Minister’s Office, and accused the BJP of conspiring to take away reservation of backward classes.

He addressed the people in Katihar, around 350km north of Patna, his first stop on the Samvidhan Bachao Nyay Yatra, for 35 minutes.

“Nitish Kumar has had alliances with all the political parties in Bihar and made four governments,” the RJD leader said at Rajendra Stadium in Katihar. “There is not a single party left in Bihar with whom Nitish has not aligned. He should be awarded the Nobel prize for forming four governments in four years.”

As people raised slogans such as “Tejashwi Yadav zindabad”, he continued to attack the NDA governments in Bihar and the Centre. “Nitish Kumar naiteek brashtachar ke Bhishma Pitamah, apradh ke Dhritarashtra and ghotalo ke Duryodhan hai. (Nitish Kumar is the Bhishma Pitamah of moral corruption, Dhritarashtra of crime and Duryodhan of scams),” Tejashwi said.

Another of his targets was RCP Singh, JDU Rajya Sabha member and confidante of Nitish, whom he accused of extortion. “In Bihar there are two taxes – income tax and another is the RCP Tax. He extorts money from the public and bureaucrats,” Tejashwi said to applause from the audience.

He was the last speaker on Saturday. Leaders present at the public meeting included RJD leaders Jagadanand Singh, Ram Chandra Purbey, Mangani Lal Mandal apart from NCP MP Tariq Anwar.

Countering JDU and BJP leaders who frequently grill him about his alleged benami property, Tejashwi said: “The people gathered at this ground are my property, I will ask the JDU and BJP leaders to come here and see my property. I dare them to count if they can.”

Last, he attacked the BJP for taking away reservation from Dalits and backward classes. “The saffron party is doing politics on what people will eat and what people will wear. The central investigative agencies are being misused to eliminate opposition parties. At the place of Baba Ambedkar (father of the Constitution), the BJP wants to implement the book of Baba (MS) Golwalkar. They want to take away rights and reservation of Dalits, which the RJD would never allow,” he said.

Tejashwi’s next meeting on the yatra is Sunday in Purnea.

Courtesy: The Telegraph

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