June 13, 2024

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Tejashwi warns of Shah ‘special skills’

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Patna: RJD leader Tejashwi Prasad Yadav on Wednesday said Bihar had much to fear from Amit Shah’s one-day visit to the state on Thursday.

Shah is arriving in Patna on Thursday for crucial meetings with chief minister Nitish Kumar ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

“The entire world knows Amit Shah has special skills and knowledge as far as creating tension in society is concerned,” Tejashwi said.

“He has immense knowledge and vast experience in one field and he is coming here to share that knowledge and impart training to his supporters. The impact of his training would be visible in Bihar after a few days, the way riots took place in Bhagalpur and Dharbhanga after RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s visit.”

Ten districts saw rioting after Ram Navami in Bihar, the leader of Opposition pointed out.

Earlier, Tejashwi had accused the RSS and the BJP of distributing 2 lakh swords in Bihar at the time of Ram Navami.

Shah has a hectic schedule in Patna on Thursday.

He will be meeting BJP social media cell members and other BJP functionaries and is scheduled to meet Nitish twice, first over breakfast and then for dinner.

Tejashwi taunted Nitish as well, claiming he will give Shah a point-wise justification on why he had cancelled the June 2010 dinner to Narendra Modi at the eleventh hour and under what compulsion he breaks bread with Shah now.

“I am sure that Nitish ji will say he was strong earlier and is helpless now,” Tejashwi said.

He also slammed Nitish for his outburst on Union minister and BJP leader Giriraj Singh saying it was just drama and that the two have a mutual understanding. “Nitish ji says he will not compromise with communalism, but it is a fact that rioting took place in Bihar last Ram Navami and over 200 police cases were registered,” Tejashwi said. “His ally Giriraj met the riot accused in jail, Jayant Sinha did the same in Jharkhand. Can Nitishji tell me who Arijit Shashwat’s father Ashwini Choubey was referring to when he said andher nagri chaupat raja (Dark is the nation and useless is the king).”

He further said: “Two BJP Union ministers broke all rules, Bhagwat came and now Amit Shah. How can he say that he is not compromising with communalism? Nitish has dual parameters for judging things. On the issue of corruption he breaks the alliance and on the issue of communalism he just keeps quiet after condemning Giriraj, that too out of compulsion. They have a long 18-year association and everything between them is just show off as they have a mutual understanding.”

Tejashwi said that Nitih’s zero-tolerance-on-communalism stand was a farce given that police did not arrest a novice BJP leader (Shashwat), who surrendered on his own. “The same Shashwat later campaigned with his political successor R.C.P. Singh in Jokihat. So Nitish’s sermons on communalism are nothing but fantasy,” Tejashwi said.

Courtesy: The Telegraph

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