May 24, 2024

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Two Chinese nationals arrested on charge of possessing liquor in Bihar

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Two Chinese nationals were arrested in Patna after some liquor bottles were seized from a guest house of a mobile company, in which they were working with.

The two Chinese nationals W Chuynagyong and Tiyandong were taken into custody on Sunday night from a guest house running in a four-storied house located at Ali Nagar of Anisabad in Patna after the local police found Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) bottles from there.

Both the Chinese nationals are said to be employees of Chinese mobile phone company Oppo and the guest house was booked in the name of Oppo Mobiles (DS) Private Limited.

About three IMFL bottles were seized from two rooms by the Gardanibagh police team, led by police Inspector C.P. Yadav.

However, the breath analyser test conducted on the accused persons came negative. Under the new excise and prohibition law even possession of liquor bottles amount to a stringent punishment.

Bihar was declared a dry state from April 2016 after the new stringent excise and prohibition law was enforced in the state.

The Chinese nationals were living in the guest house for last several months.

The Chinese embassy is being informed about the arrest.

The police said altogether nine Chinese nationals were staying in the guest house and their passports and visas are being verified.

The manager and other employees of the guest house too are being questioned.

Recently, a study funded by the state government had said that ever since Bihar was declared a dry state people have been spending more money in buying expensive clothes and food items.

Sale of honey and cheese in the state has gone up many times after the liquor was banned in the state, said the study.

Courtesy: The Hindu

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