May 19, 2024

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Vipassana picking up at Buddha Smriti Park

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Patna: Vipassana, a meditation technique, is now being held in the meditation centre of the Buddha Smriti Park. The ‘Vipassis’ (those who practise Vipassana) are neither charged any fee nor supposed to pay the entry fee to the park. As of now, about 50 visitors are participating in Vipassana sessions daily.

The first session of one hour commences at 11am and another at 4.30pm. Newcomers are trained in the morning session while the experienced lot meditates in the evening. Technocrat turned industrialist, Om Prakash Manraw, a trustee of Dhamma Bodhi-Bodhgaya International Vipassana Meditation Centre, Bodh Gaya, with the written permission of Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (BUIDCo), started the sessions at the park on July 10.

Based on the free observation of breathing process aimed at controlling human mind and enhancing concentration, Vipassana (In Pali meaning insight) is considered to be a highly scientific technique of meditation that purifies the mind and soul, Manraw said. At present, it is being taught at around 270 centres across the globe. He said although the reference of Vipassana is found in the Rig Veda and also in the Buddhist tradition as it is believed that Gautam Buddha discovered it and added that it is a method of rectification of oneself which improves the quality of one’s life.

Elaborating on Vipassana, he said, it is a secular, non-ritualistic and simple form of meditation and Anapana Sati, basic observation of breathing movements, was being taught to the visitors. Ten minutes of Anapana could give extraordinary results to people of all ages in overcoming their anxiety, aggression and psychological stress, he said.

The meditation centre was developed at the park with a view to creating a unique facility dedicated to Buddhists on the pattern of ancient Mahavihara of Nalanda. It consists of as many as 60 airconditioned cells each having a view of the Stupa enshrining the sacred relics of Buddha.

Courtesy: TNN

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