May 19, 2024

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Woman narrates VIP-home ordeal

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Patna: The woman who has accused BJP MLC Awadesh Narayan Singh’s sons Sushant Ranjan and Prashant Ranjan of sexual harassment on Wednesday said she will not withdraw the police case.

The 24-year-old lady, who works as a flight attendant with a private airline, has filed an FIR with the Mahila (women) police station alleging that Singh’s sons held her captive in a room at their father’s 2 Circular Road government bungalow on May 16 and also thrashed her with the intention of sexually assaulting her.

The woman met MLC Singh at an undisclosed location on Wednesday for more than 30 minutes. “I met the BJP MLC today. I told him that I have no problem with him but I have problems with his sons. I told him that I will not withdraw my case against his sons,” she told The Telegraph.

She alleged that Sushant had been pestering her on her mobile phone and she had blocked him.

“But he had threatened to commit suicide if I did not come to meet him at his father’s residence on May 16. I got scared and had gone to settle the matter with him at his residence after my morning walk. I was molested and beaten up by Sushant and his brother Prashant,” she said.

Earlier, the Mahila police station, based on the complainant’s statement, filed a case under Section 354 (B) of the IPC – assault or use of criminal force to a woman with intent to disrobe. The cops have started the process of procuring a warrant against Singh’s sons.

“I am facing mental harassment after the incident,” the complainant said. “You can understand the mental agony of a woman after such an incident. I will not withdraw the case.”

She, however, denied there was any pressure on her to withdraw the case.

She said that she knew Sushant and Prashant for the past three months. The first time she met Sushant, she said, was at coffee shop in Patna in February. She said she had gone to Sushant’s other house at the SK Puri area on Holi (February 28) on his invitation and the brothers had introduced her to other family members as their friend.

After that, she said, she was in contact with the brothers but did not meet them as she was busy. On May 16, Sushant called her up in the morning asking her to come to his father’s official residence and said their parents were outside Patna. The woman said that Sushant asked her to come to their house as he wanted to clear some misgivings between them.

When I reached, Sushant offered me non-vegetarian dishes and liquor, which I refused,” she said. “After some time, Prashant came and an argument broke out during which he misbehaved with me.”

The brothers then locked her in the room but she raised an alarm for help and was eventually allowed to leave, she said.

An officer at Mahila police station said: “The woman came to the Mahila police station on Friday evening. She had injury marks on her hand. She pleaded before the police officer to lodge the complaint, saying that she had gone first gone to Sachivalya police station to register the complaint but the police officer there refused to accept her application claiming that the matter is of the Women police station.”

The Mahila police station, too, refused to accept her application saying that it was filled with errors and discrepancies and asked her to come with a fresh application. On Tuesday evening, she again went to the Mahila police station and recorded her statement.

Patna superintendent of police (Central) D. Amarkesh said: “Based on the complaint lodged by the woman the police are in the process of issuing a warrant against Sushant and Prashant.” Highly placed police sources, however, admitted that the cops are being extra cautious because it’s a VIP sons’ case.

Courtesy: The Telegraph

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