July 17, 2024

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AMU Kishanganj Centre facing critical issues

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ALIGARH: The Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, Prof. P. K. Abdul Azis reiterated the stand of the University that AMU is committed to establish its Centre in Kishanganj, Bihar  only if a contiguous piece of 250-300 acres of land, free from all encumbrances is handed over to the University.

Addressing a press conference, Prof. Azis explained that the decision taken by the University functionaries to establish a Centre of AMU is a firm commitment made to the people of Bihar and very specially to the people of Kishanganj District and nearby areas.

Reacting to the allegations leveled by the Bihar Government, AMU Vice Chancellor said that the Secretary, Department of Human Resource Development, Bihar Government informed the University that the Government of Bihar has allocated 243.76 acres of land on payment of Rs. Ten as a token salami and Re. One as annual rent for 30 years lease with the option of renewal. This official communication of Bihar Government did not indicate that the land offered to AMU was in three pieces. The University, however, expressed its willingness to take over the land if an area of 250-300 acres of land, contiguous to plot number one and inclusive of it, with direct access to the State Highway is allocated.

AMU Vice Chancellor, Prof. Azis felt that despite the Chief Minister expressed desire, of the Bihar bureaucracy never responded ‘promptly to University’s request regarding AMU Centre in Kishanganj’.

Prof. Azis urged the Bihar Chief Minister to identify the contiguous piece of land and the land should be transferred to AMU without any type of lease.

Prof. Azis also denied the allegations of the Bihar Government and stated that the land provided to AMU in both the places are contiguous. The West Bengal had handed over a single plot of 299.64 acres divided by the Farakka Canal but will be in one piece and the Government of Kerala had handed over a plot of 335.99 acres of land free of cost for AMU Centres. If the Government of Bihar was fast enough to respond promptly to our request, AMU would also have been able to start its Kishanganj Centre along with Murshidabad and Malappuram.

He urged the Bihar Chief Minister, Mr. Nitish Kumar to hand over 250-300 acres of land so that AMU can proceed further on the matter. The procedure to get the approval of the Visitor under Section 12 (C) of the AMU Act would be initiated only after getting the land in the name of AMU, as was done in the case of Murshidabad and Malappuram.

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