May 19, 2024

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Bihar Students Cry, Fast, Faint; Refuse To Accept Principal’s Transfer

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Bihar Students Cry, Fast, Faint; Refuse To Accept Principal's TransferSapaul: A school principal is surrounded by students – all of them crying and requesting him to not leave their school. Jai Shankar Prasad, the beloved principal of government school in Bihar’s Sapaul district, is having a hard time accepting his transfer as teary eyes of students block his way. The cook said that while some students have refused to eat, some have also fainted due to hunger and crying. The resolve of the students is strong as they keep repeating, “Sir ko nahin jaane denge (Will not let sir leave us).

An emotional student said, “Our sir teaches us better than our coaching teachers. We will continue to stand here, but will not let him leave.”

Another student said that since the time the principal came, studies, sports and food are getting right attention and time. “If he goes, there will be no studies, just playing. We request him to stay,” the student said.

Parents say that seeing the sentimental outburst of their children, even they have turned emotional and have come to request the principal to stay.

“Students feel that the situation of the school has become better after this principal came. Studies, food and overall environment of the school have improved,” said one of the parents.

Their principal, however, wants to go closer to his home.

“I had applied for the transfer as I want to go closer to my home, but now, looking at the situation, I feel I should stay for some more time,” said the principal.

Courtesy: NDTV

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