April 2, 2023

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Pataliputra University grapples with staff crunch

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GAYA: Even three months after its establishment, Pataliputra University, the larger off shoot of the undivided Magadh University (MU) is running without office staff. Due to the ongoing impasse on the issue of apportionment of nearly 500 employees of MU headquarters, Pataliputra University is suffering from acute shortage of man power.

MU, on the other hand remains overstaffed as post bifurcation, it is left with only 19 of the 44 constituent units and three of the four government-funded minority colleges have also been tagged with the new university. Notified on April 9, Pataliputra University, as per government order, came into existence retrospectively with effect from March 18.

Pataliputra University VC Gulab Chand Jaiswal said staff shortage was not the only problem. “Facility crunch is also a serious issue. Even if MU were to shift 55% of the non- teaching staff to Pataliputra University (the apportionment has to take place in the 55:45 ratio between the two universities), there is no sitting space for so many employees and as such he would like the employee shifting to be done in instalments,” Jaiswal said.

Asked if he would not accept all the apportioned employees in one go, the VC said that he would abide by the government order on the issue. Jaiswal said that unlike his MU counterpart, he has reasons to worry more as the admission season begins. Staff shortage is now pinching all the more.

According to university insiders, fresh recruitment was not the option before the Pataliputra University VC. About four years back, the state government imposed a ban on direct recruitment of non-teaching employees. As per the government order, need- based appointments against vacant posts can only be made through outsourcing.

According to MU sources, the list of employees to be shifted to Pataliputra University was ready and the university was waiting for a government nod before notifying the list.

MU VC Prof Qamar Ahsan also said that the government has to take a final call in the matter of employee apportionment.

Courtesy: TNN

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