July 12, 2024

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Students of Bihar Board are not able to enroll in the colleges of Patna University

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Students passing the Bihar School Examination Board are facing one problem. The new problem is admission. Students are not able to enroll in the colleges of Patna University.

They are not getting necessarily certificates.

Indeed, the students of Bihar Board did not receive the original marks. Because of this, they are unable to get the School or College Leaving Certificate (SLC / CLC). Now the students are reaching for admission to the colleges of both the certificates. In this way, the college is not able to enroll them. Nomination process has started in Patna College from Friday. According to Dr. Randhir Kumar Singh who is looking after the nomination work, only those students of 74 students in the unreserved category have been able to get admission. These students belong to the CBSE or ICSE board. Bihar Board students are returning from college after being frustrated. Patna University will be closed after 9th July. In such a case, there has been a huge crisis in the students.

The same problem in the Vanijya College too.

The same problem is also coming in the Vanijya College. From here even the Bihar board students are returning disappointed. The college is also being damaged. So far, 50% of seats are nominated, but only two seats have been nominated in 50 seats. Principal Dr. BN Pandey says that if the school or college also writes that if the number of students has not yet arrived, then the college administration can consider nomination.

Online scrutiny of marks in IIT and NIT.

Students of Bihar Board are having difficulty in enrolling in IITs and NITs. However, enrollment is being done by checking the student’s marks online at both these places. CLC or SLC will look after going to its institute. More than 500 nominations were held in NIT till 400 till Friday. Students are coming from border districts of Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand besides Bihar for enrollment here.

Graduates are going to apply online. But there are many kinds of problems coming to the application. Online application of students of other states is not being accepted. TPS College Student has created a Help Center. Students are being applied for free here. According to Ankit Tiwari, former president of the student association, when the students of other states are seeking application, the application is not being approved. Not giving alternatives to software for other state boards. In such a way, they are unable to apply. According to Ankit Tiwari, at least 30 students were disappointed with the TPS College. One student was from Telangana Board. His application was not finally accepted. Similarly, a student of Jharkhand Board was also seeking to apply, but could not do it. After filling the application form, the message of ‘All Ready Exist’ is coming to the computer screen and application is not being approved.

Courtesy: Campus Vrata

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