June 15, 2024

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VC raps truant teachers

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Patna: University teachers irregular in taking classes are likely to be taken to task.

Patliputra University vice-chancellor (VC) Gulab Chandra Jaiswal on Friday asked teachers to be regular in taking classes. Jaiswal, who addressing a gathering comprising teachers, staff and students at Sri Arvind Mahila College after inaugurating the smart classroom at the college, said: “In the past two months after becoming vice-chancellor of Patliputra University, I have visited various colleges of the university. What I have observed at many colleges is poor attendance of students and teachers irregular in taking classes.”

Citing the example of JD Women’s College, which he visited two days ago, Jaiswal said: “During interaction with students of the college, I came to know that many teachers were irregular in taking classes. The students were earlier reluctant in sharing information about teachers, but later shared information.”

The VC asked students of Sri Arvind Mahila College to provide information about teachers irregular in taking classes either through mail or phone calls, names of such students will be kept secret.

Echoing the VC, education minister Krishnanandan Prasad Verma, who too was present, said: “A major chunk of the education department’s budget is used in paying salaries to teachers in universities and schools, and if teachers are not taking classes regularly, it is a serious issue.”

The minister and the VC made the observation in the presence of college principal Punam Choudhary and a large number of senior teachers. Earlier, the education minister and university officials inaugurated the smart classroom in 13 postgraduate departments of the college.

Sources said the VC and pro-VC Girish Kumar Choudhary visited several colleges of the university in the past two months. The university officials were astonished to discover the bad situation of colleges in rural areas. Choudhary said: “Colleges in rural areas face twin problems – students bunking colleges and teachers irregular in taking classes. On interacting with students, we came to know that students are not coming to colleges owing to absence of teachers.”

The VC assured that based on students’ complaints, they will talk to teachers irregular in classes and if required, action will be taken against the guilty.

The trend of teachers skipping classes is not confined to colleges under Patliputra University but is prevalent in many other universities. The Patna University and Magadh University administrations, to tide over the crisis of absentee teachers, have introduced biometric attendance system in postgraduate departments and colleges. Patna University has introduced biometric attendance system with facial recognition features.

Teaching and non-teaching employees have to record their attendance twice, once when they arrive in the morning and when they leave, by standing before the machines.

Courtesy: The Telegraph

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