May 18, 2024

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‘Sajna Ke Angana Me Solah Singar’ previewed

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Recently a special preview show of Maithili film ‘Sajna Ke Angana Me Solah Singar’ was organised at Movie Lab, Goregaon (W) where Udit Narayan, Deepa Narayan, Akhilendra Mishra, Adarsh Jain, full unit of the film and many invited guests from the film industry were present. This film has some messages for the society in addition to the action and romance of the film. It has seriously discussed many social issues like moving away from one’s villages, away from farming and agriculture, widow marriage etc and has shown many suitable solutions to these issues as well.

Though the film is more like a on man show of Murlui, Rajiv Singh as a mukhiya has performed well. The trio of Rahul Sinha, Rakhi Tripathi and Shiv Aryan are also very good. Tripti Nadekar and Binod Gawar have left good impressions as well. The comedy by Lallan Singh is sweet. Music and songs are appealing and cinematography by Yusuf Khan is praise worthy. Ghanshyam Mishra us executive producer while Nityanand Jha is the presentor.

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