April 17, 2024

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Glowing skin begins at home

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If you don’t find over-the-counter moisturisers effective, take the ‘kitchen way’ to good skin. Dig into your food shelf, or make a run to the grocer’s – the secrets to a glowing complexion can be homemade and inexpensive…

Add 4-5 drops of jojoba oil with an equal amount of coconut oil and rose water.Apply after washing your face, or bathing. This moisturiser not only provides intense hydration, it also leaves a pleasant, lingering fragrance.

Mix equal amounts of glycerine and rose water. To this, add a few drops of lime juice to dilute it. If used regularly overnight, this moisturiser not only tackles patchy, chapped and dry skin, it gives you a glowing complexion, and removes dark spots and freckles.

Mix 1tsp each of almond and milk powder with 2tbsp glycerine and 1tbsp each of lemon juice and almond oil. Apply this mix once a week – this will provide you enough hydration to be able to go through the rest of the week with lighter formulations.Lemon or orange juice, blended with olive oil, is a tried-tested-trusted way of moisturising – your skin benefits from the healing properties of olive and the Vitamin C from the citrus fruits.

Overnight, massage mayonnaise on your face and neck – it undoes the harm caused to your skin by sun,cold and pollution through the day.

Aloe vera creams not only work as a good moisturiser, they also have anti-aging properties. Heat one part of aloe vera gel with an equal amount of water. Let it boil until it turns creamy. This richmoisturiser is good for dry, rough, sunburned skin, chapped lips and elbows.

Coconut oil is rich in vitamins and lipids that soften the skin. Cocoa butter smoothens the damaging  effects of the sun and other external factors. Combined with coconut oil, it protects the skin from dry cold.

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