November 29, 2020

West Champaran

West Champaran is an administrative district in the state of Bihar in India. The district headquarters are located at Bettiah. The district occupies an area of 5229 km² and has a population of 3,043,044 (as of 2001). West Champaran is a part of Tirhut Division.

Headquarters: Bettiah

Area: 5,228 km?

Population: 2333666

Sub Divisions: Bettiah, Bagaha, Narkatiaganj

Blocks: Bettiah, Sikta, Mainatand, Chanpattia, Bairia, Lauria, Bagaha – 1, Bagaha – 2, Madhubani, Gaunaha, Narkatiaganj, Manjhaulia, Nautan, Jogapatti, Ramnagar, Thakraha, Bhitaha, Piprasi

Agriculture: Rich paddy fields, Sugar Cane, Cane reeds

Industry: Sugar Factories

Rivers: Gandak

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