October 24, 2020

Hardik Patel appeals for unity among castemen in Bihar

Saying that he parted company with fellow casteman and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar after he chose a different path, Gujarat Patidar movement leader Hardik Patel today exhorted Kurmis,Dhanuks,Kushwahas castemen to unit to make their presence felt in social and political arena.

Patel said in absence of this unity others would continue to rule them.

Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) leader also announced that he would organise a massive rally at historic Gandhi Maidan after two years.

Patel of Gujarat is considered akin to Kurmi caste of Bihar to which Nitish Kumar belongs.

“We (Nitish and himself) were treading on the same path but he chose a different path for himself but that does not mean that I am his (Nitish’s) enemy,” the youth leader from Gujarat said addressing “Patel Jagrukta Sammelan” here at S K Memorial hall.

“Division is being created among us in the name of Kurmis, Kushwaha and Dhanuks. If we get united then no one would be able to stand before us…We need to bridge the gaps among us, otherwise others will rule over us,” Patel said and suggested to start organising community members at village level.

At the outset of his speech, Patel introduced himself as “My name is Kurmi, Kushwaha, Dhanuk Hardik Patel.”

He said like Bihar, patels were also divided in Gujarat but, the unity showed their strength to the world.

“A rally (Kurmi Chetna Rally) was organised in the historic Maidan in 1994. After two years, I will organise a similar rally in the same ground by inviting 10 lakh Kurmis… I will stay in Bihar for a month and visit villages in order to fill the ground with 10 lakh people,” he said.

“I don’t know whether anyone likes my announcement or not but I don’t care for it as I don’t intend to contest from Nalanda (Lok Sabha constituency). I am still not eligible for contesting elections,” he said.

Nalanda is native district of Nitish Kumar.

Saying that Dhanuks, Kurmis, Kushwahas together constitute 12 per cent of population of Bihar, he questioned whether they have got their representation (MLAs, MPs) and reservation in accordance with the ratio of their population?

Referring to Kurmi Chetna rally of 1994, Patel in a veiled dig at Kumar said that several people became leader and minister after the rally but the people belonging to the community remained where they were.

“I have not come here to oppose Nitish Kumar nor his government. But yes, being a common man I will oppose the govenrment as it does not listen to our grievances but that does not mean that I am against any particular government,” Patel said.

On arrival here last night, Patel had said there was “no point” in Kumar, citing the latter’s tie-up with the BJP, to which he has been staunchly oppossed.

Courtesy: PTI

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