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Rohtas district is one of the thirty-seven districts of Bihar state, India.

Headquarters: Sasaram

Area: 3850 km²

Population: 2,448,762 (2001 census)

Sub Divisions: Sasaram, Dehri, Bikramganj Blocks: Nauhatta, Chenari, Nasriganj, Rohtas, Shivsagar, Dawath, Karakat, Nokha., Vikramganj, Kargahar, Sasaram, Dihri, Dinara, Kochas, Akorhigola, Rajpur, Tilauthu, Suryapura, Sanjhauli.

Agriculture: Paddy, Wheat, Lentils

Industry: Cement

Rivers: Son, Kaw

The Rohtas district is a part of Patna Division, and it has an area of 3850 km² (square kilometres), a population of 2,448,762 (2001 census), and a population density of 636 persons per km². The language spoken in this area is Bhojpuri.

The administrative headquarters of the district, Sasaram is a place of historical importance. Another important symbol of national pride is Sone Bridge, built over the Sone river.There are two parallel bridges, one for road and another for railway. The road bridge (Jawahar Setu built by Gammon India Ltd in 1963-65) over Sone was the longest (3061 m) in Asia until it was surpassed by the Mahatma Gandhi setu (5475 m) over the river Ganga at Patna. The railway bridge is still the longest railway bridge in Asia.

Until 1980, Dalmianagar was one of the major industrial cities in India. It had sugar, vegetable oil, cement, paper, and chemical factories (Rohtas Industries) but now they are closed. Dacoities, extortion and interference from the local mafia led to the downfall of this place. Recently it got bad names because of increasing kidnapping cases, which has flourished because of nexus between local politicians, criminals and the police. This incident has left many local businessmen moving out of the district. The basis for the economy, as in almost all of Bihar, is agriculture. Some major crops include macca, rice, gram and lentils. In 2008-09 budget establishment of railway factory in Dalmianagar has been passed and the campus of Dalmianagar factory has been taken by railway. Recently (November-December2008)its foundation stone is laid by Railway Minister Sri.Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Dehri On Sone is also famous for coal depot. This market brings customers from all over of North India for coal trading.

There is one hydropower generation unit which generates 6.6 megawatts of electricity. The language in this district and the neighboring district of Bhojpur is Bhojpuri. Natwaar is famous for rice production. There are many ricemills located in this area.

This city is well connected with railway and road. Dehri On Sone and Sasaram has big railway station with almost all the major train stops there. This place is well connected with the road as Grant Trunk Road passes through the heart of both of Dehri and Sasaram.

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