March 21, 2023

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CM to knock on people’s door

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nitish-kumarPatna: Think before ignoring the door knock, it might very well be the chief minister standing on the other side with folded hands.

Yes, Nitish Kumar would take the JDU Assembly election campaign to every door, as part of a programme named “Har Ghar Dastak” (knock every house) under which the party has aimed to reach out to 3 crore people of the state in a month.

Making his first public appearance, Nitish’s campaign manager Prashant Kishor, who had handled Narendra Modi’s crusade last general elections, announced the programme at the JDU state-level meeting at SK Memorial hall.

Every party worker has been asked to visit 10 houses every day, ask four questions to the residents, and take their feedback.

Kishor also explained how to go ahead with the idea and how to execute it at the ground level.

“Apart from the party workers, the chief minister would visit 10 houses on July 2 with the same questionnaire followed by putting a sticker on the door of the household where he would visit,” said Kishor, adding that the programme would be launched at 10,000 places across the state at 10.30am.

The place where Nitish would visit has not yet been revealed. Several MPs, MLAs, MLCs, ministers, senior leaders of the party, including district in-charges and workers, attended the programme.

The Har Ghar Dastak programme would continue for 10 days from July 2 and there would be a review session from July 12 to 20. The second phase would be conducted from July 21 to 30.

The four questions would be: “Do you see development in the past 10 years, do you think people from all castes and communities have got the benefit, do you think that Nitish Kumar is responsible for the development and what is your say on Aage Badhta Rahe Bihar, Phir Ek Bar Nitish Kumar (Bihar continues to develop, once again Nitish Kumar)?”

Once the residents are done with the questionnaire, the workers have been asked to download a caller tune and a ringtone on the cellphone of the person by sending a text message to a number (not disclosed yet) after which the sender would receive a song titled Phir Nitish.

The person’s name and contact number have to be noted down by the visitors.

“The workers say there is no time left for such a campaign. I must tell you that we had only four months before the Lok Sabha elections. If we can make the campaign successful in just 120 days in the entire country, why can’t we do the same for one state in 100 days? We have enough time for the campaign. Just ensure you perform your duty honestly. Whatever material we provide to you, just use it and do not keep it in your house,” said Kishor.

He asked the workers not to force anyone if they are not interested in sharing their names and numbers.

Courtesy: The Telegraph

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