June 25, 2024

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Dal takes jab at Rahul rally needs

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Patna: The JDU on Sunday attacked the Congress over the Jan Aakrosh rally kicked off by party president Rahul Gandhi.

The ruling party said the Congress had not done anything in their 60 years of rule and was now raising baseless issues when the Modi government was performing excellent.

JDU leader and party spokesperson Ajay Alok wondered why the Jan Aakrosh rally reflected the Congress’ anger though the party ruled the country for more than 60 years and was out of power for the past five years.

” Parivar aakrosh (read Congress anger) was quite evident in the speeches of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh, where without any basis, they kept on criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the NDA government,” Alok said.

He quipped that the Congress leaders were confused as on one hand, they were saying that the entire power of the BJP has been transferred to Modi and Amit Shah and on the other hand, they were saying that they had to fight the RSS.

“The Congress party seems to be confused and a divided lot. Rahul Gandhi mentions Salman Khurshid’s recent outburst but he fails to take any action. That shows the growing disenchantment in the Congress leadership and that the party is not bothered,” Alok stressed. Khurshid, who was present at the New Delhi rally on Sunday, had recently differed with the party’s move on the impeachment notice against the Chief Justice of India, saying he was “saddened at the development”.

Taking a jibe at Rahul’s claim that the Congress will return to power in 2019, Alok said the Congress had failed to perform on their own turf and without realising that the ground was slipping so fast from under their feet, had been living in a fool’s paradise.

The JDU leader claimed that in the past four years, the country had progressed on every front and the economy was growing at 7.5 per cent despite GST and demonetisation.

He called the issue of the SC/ST Act raised by the Opposition “useless”, claiming that no change had been made in the Act and only the comment was made by Supreme Court and for that also, a review petition had been filed.

Another JDU spokesperson and MLC Neeraj Kumar taunted the Congress by saying that the national party was taking the shape of a regional party, as they are losing power both at the Centre and in the states gradually.

Neeraj asked Rahul to explain how he could save secularism while being in the company of corrupt political parties such as the RJD, which is involved in corrupt practices.

Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, who was in Patna on Sunday, also taunted Rahul Gandhi, alleging that the rally aimed to grab power and kursi (chair). He stressed that under the leadership of Rahul, the Congress lost many elections.

“The Congress party is dreaming that they will return to power in 2019. Even leaders of Rahul’s own party are maintaining distance now,” said Ravi Shankar, adding that Rahul should also speak up on triple talaq.

Courtesy: The Telegraph

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