July 16, 2024

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Nitish rues Biharis are treated as 12th man

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nitish-kumarPatna: Chief minister Nitish Kumar said Biharis are everywhere in the country but they are ignored in every field. Of every 11 Indians, one is a Bihari, but Biharis are not included in Team India (not meaning only the cricket team) and always treated as 12th man.

In his Facebook post on Saturday, the CM said that Congress and BJP would see that Biharis never prospered and the state remained at the bottom of development index. He posted, “We are 10.5 crore Biharis – 1 in every 11 people in India lives in Bihar. We must have a rightful place in the Playing XI of Team India in every field. We have the talent and we work hard. But, why is it that the people of Bihar remain ignored as the 12th man of Team India, who only gets thankless roles and does not get adequately appreciated for talent and hard work?”

“To add insult to the injury, elitist leaders of the BJP and Congress blame people of Bihar for such a destiny and will go to any extent to ensure that people of Bihar remain the 12th Man of Team India, lost in caste politics,” the CM remarked.

He said, “No matter what the communally-driven BJP tells you, the truth is that the tallest leaders of BJP and Congress lay prostate in front of those fundamentalists who openly humiliate the youth of Bihar and threaten their right to earn a livelihood. They will never let you join the Playing XI of Team India.”

The CM, in his post, said the people of Bihar must have the courage and togetherness to speak in one political voice. The nation, he said, must acknowledge that Bihar is poor not by desire or destiny but by dishonesty of policies. “We Biharis have the courage, capability and commitment to not just be instrumental in any team in any field, but also possess the talent and leadership to become captain of the team in any field and make the nation proud. We must fight until Bihar gets resources to offset the deficit created by unfair central policies. We must fight for the right to equal development. We must fight to secure the rightful and equal place for Biharis in Team India.”

Courtesy: TNN

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